I’m certified through YogaWorks with a RYT 200 certification.  I teach classes at studios in San Francisco and also offer sessions to individuals and small groups at various locations throughout  the city.

I was inspired to add yoga to my practice upon discovering the many unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices made by people in an attempt to “get in shape”. Our country places the most value  on hard work, speed, and the amount accomplished in a period of time and very little value is given to the act of simply being aware of existing exactly as you are in the moment. As a result, this lifestyle of extremes has created a stressed out society with very preventable diseases.  Yoga is a way to manage your current lifestyle by adding the element of peace and focused awareness.  This clear focus will improve your ability to make healthy choices in response to daily stressors and potentially unhealthy situations.

I enjoy instructing clients interested in improving their yoga asanas, meditation, and breath work, but I also gain immense satisfaction from reintroducing clients to tools that will help them discover and appreciate the simple act of being in the moment.